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How it works

Use without registration
As a prospective customer / buyer you are not required to register. You may communicate directly with the supplier / seller using the contact form in the ad at any time - your message will be forwarded by us to the supplier / seller. If the contact details of the supplier are included in the advert, you are welcome to contact the supplier directly.

Use with registration
You are required to register if you want to act either as a supplier / seller or as a prospective customer / buyer, if you would like to make use of our settlement procedure YAR Operator when purchasing goods. Registration is always free! Please register as a business or privately.

Adverts of suppliers / sellers
The supplier / seller's offers refer to non-binding sales deals, which we call advertisements. Some of these may be purely promotional in nature. In individual cases, the possibility exists for the content of the advert to deviate from the supplier / seller's actual offer.

Free introductory phase
All newly registered providers / sellers can test and use YAR for free for a 30-day introductory period. Thereafter the named prices apply to all commercial and private providers / sellers.

Getting started for suppliers / sellers
Register at YAR as a commercial or private supplier / seller by using business registration or private registration. Registration is always free! You will receive a confirmation email during the registration process. Please read this email and follow the instructions. Provide all the necessary information about yourself as a private person or about your company as a professional operator.
As a commercial supplier / seller, you also have the opportunity to present your business visually and informatively. Additionally, the possibility exists to create more than one employee / contact person and other locations / branches of your company which you may then assign to the individual items.

The next steps for private suppliers / sellers
As a private supplier / seller you have the possibility to start by creating up to 10 adverts for free. Once you have created your adverts, you may decide which items you would like to place online. You may place a maximum of 5 simultaneous adverts online. After the free initial period, the following prices apply as of the 01/01/2018. Placing advertisements in the categories "YAR Services" and "YAR Places" is not available to private operators.
As a private operator you have the option to configure your personal data (name, address, city, country, telephone number, email address, etc.) in the user interface so that these do not appear in your adverts and thus are not visible to other users of this website.

Next steps for commercial suppliers / sellers
As a commercial supplier, you have the option of placing up to 1000 simultaneous adverts online. Should you require more, please contact us. First, select the right advertisement package for you. Following the free initial period, the following prices apply as of the 01/01/2018.
After having selected the most suitable package, you can now create your advert. Each package describes the max. number of active adverts (online) and stationary adverts (offline). You may delete and create as many new adverts as you would like. The possibility also exists for you to link a page / sub-section of your website to the advertisement.

If an interested party contacts you using the contact form, we will forward the message to you via your registered email address. In addition, the contact information of commercial suppliers will also be directly visible in the adverts.

Safe buying and selling using "YAR Operator"
YAR provides buyers and sellers a safe settlement procedure called YAR Operator, regardless of whether they are private or commercial. For details, see What's YAR Operator? and This is how YAR Operator works.