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YAR youarerich.net is getting more informative!

  • 9 de jan. de 2018 12:01

Bad Camberg, 09.01.2018The international online portal YAR youarerich.net, for goods and services in the luxury segment, is getting more informative. Starting from the beginning of January 2018, YAR is introducing two new features. One of these is a yacht database, and the other is an encyclopaedia called "YAR Pedia".The yacht database provides information to website visitors about the most beautiful yachts in the world. The database is launching at the start of January with 50...

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YAR reports pleasing results and announces YAR 2.0

  • 9 de jan. de 2018 11:32

Bad Camberg, 09.01.2018At the beginning of the year, looking back on the past year and about 6 months after YAR youarerich.net went live, the website operator is reporting pleasing results. The development of the online portal is considerably further advanced than was envisaged in the early project phase. Although the planned number of private and commercial vendors was slightly missed, larger vendors than customers were able to be won, which meant that the target figures were...

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YOUARERICH.NET and RIGHTBAOT.COM conclude a cooperation agreement

  • 7 de dez. de 2017 13:52

Bad Camberg, 07/12/2017The online portal for goods and services in the luxury segment YOUARERICH.NET, which went live in May 2017, and the online marketplace for boats and yachts RIGHTBOAT.COM, which is one of the world leaders in this segment, conclude a cooperation agreement. Since November 2017, part of RIGHTBOAT.COM's offering has also been available on the internet portal YOUARERICH.NET. RIGHTBOAT.COM has a huge portfolio of more than 10,000 boats and yachts offered for sale. About half...

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