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Terms and Conditions

General terms / terms and conditions for the use of the offer and services on our website (T&Cs):


Status as of: 05/12/2017

The site www.youarerich.net and the sub-domains are operated by:

B Eventmanagement & Networks UG (limited liability),
represented by Mr Thorsten Baecker
Otto-Hahn-Strasse 10
65520 Bad Camberg

hereinafter referred to as the "Operator of the webpage" or "YAR".

"These Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)" are only valid in the context of the German version. Should a translation of these terms be available on the webpage in another language, then this serves only as a rough guide; however, it is not legally applicable. The German version can be accessed here:


For using the purchase process "YAR-Operator", the "YAR-Operator General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs YAR-Operator)" additionally apply in their current version.


Cancellation right

You have the right to withdraw from this contract without giving a reason within fourteen days. The cancellation period begins on the day the contract is concluded. To exercise your right to cancellation, you must expressly notify us of this by sending an unequivocal statement (by post, fax or email) of your decision to do so. Please use the contact details provided in our imprint. The notification of cancellation may be made in an informal manner.
In order to comply with the cancellation period, it is sufficient for you to send us notice that you are exercising your right of cancellation before the period has expired.

Consequences of cancellation

Should you cancel this contract, we will immediately reimburse for any payments that we have received from you and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which we received notification of your cancellation of this contract. The repayment will be made using the same payment method that you used for the original transaction, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with you; under no circumstances will you be charged fees for this repayment. Should you have already asked for the service to begin during the cancellation period, you shall pay a reasonable amount, corresponding to the portion of the service already provided up to the date on which you notified us that you were exercising your right to cancel this agreement, as compared to the full scope of services provided for therein.
Should you withdraw from this contract, all online adverts posted from your user profile will be completely disabled with immediate effect, as will your user profile.

§ 1 General Information

1) YAR is the operator of this website. The main focus lies in providing the electronic infrastructure (database) for the online marketplace www.youarerich.net. The online market place is used to present goods and services in the luxury sector. Fringe benefits refer to all other media services, which primarily include advertising in favour of suppliers and brands represented by YAR.

2) These "General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)" are valid for the free and fee-based use of this website.

3) Registered users of this website who offer goods or services are hereinafter referred to as the "supplier / seller". Registered users of this website, who would like to purchase goods or services are hereinafter referred to as the "prospective customer / buyer". Users of this website who do not register are hereinafter referred to as "visitors". In addition, all the above-mentioned are hereinafter referred to as "users".

4) The goods and services presented on this website have the character of an advertisement. The content of these adverts may differ from the actual offer of the supplier / seller. Thus, the content of an advertisement is not binding for the supplier / seller. An advert may consequently be created purely for advertising purposes.

5) A supplier / seller on this website may be a consumer / a private person (not a commercial trader) and hereinafter is referred to as a "private supplier/ seller". A supplier / seller on this website may be a company, a business enterprise, a legal person, a businessman or a private company and hereinafter is referred to as a "commercial supplier / seller".

6) YAR merely provides the technical requirements for the transmission of information in the form of the database. YAR can only exert a controlling influence on the contents of the advertisements if these violate laws and regulations known to YAR or if the content of the adverts does not meet the requirements stipulated in these "General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)". Nevertheless, YAR will only take action should those infringements be known to YAR. Specifically, YAR itself is not a supplier of the offered goods and services.

7) YAR is not involved in the contractual relationship between the suppliers / sellers and prospective customers / buyers; nor, in this regard, is YAR an intermediary or representative of either of those parties. Contracts, which are concluded between the supplier / seller and the prospective customer / buyer as a result of an advertisement, are concluded without the involvement of YAR. As a result, YAR does not accept any responsibility for it.

8) YAR only checks the supplier during the registration process as to their capacity as private or commercial suppliers. Verifying identity is only done cursorily and superficially by YAR. YAR therefore does not assume any liability for the identity of the supplier. Consequently, each user must verify the identity of a supplier from the date on which they established contact. Additionally, YAR does not take any responsibility for examining the suppliers with regard to their reliability. YAR makes no guarantee to this effect either.

9) All suppliers / buyers, prospective customers / sellers and visitors of this website are required to comply with the corresponding applicable laws and regulations regarding its use. Within this framework, all suppliers must comply with the relevant legal requirements when creating their adverts. The same applies to the creation of the user profile, as well as the resulting continuous corporate presentation in the case of commercial suppliers.

10) All users of this website are prohibited from using addresses, contact information, email addresses and telephone numbers, that they received by using www.youarerich.net, for any purpose other than for communicating with these suppliers. Furthermore, it is forbidden for anyone to pass this data on or to use the information for commercial advertising.

§ 2 Subject of the agreement / terms of reference

1) For unregistered users to the website (visitors), the service to be provided involves providing the visitor with a set of adverts and information of the suppliers through the website and offering the possibility of getting into direct contact with the suppliers - to which end YAR provides the contact form in the advertisements. Furthermore, the following functions are part of the service to be provided:

2) For registered users, in addition to the benefits listed for non-registered users, the website is intended to provide a user interface via the log-in area (access) through which the supplier / seller can create their adverts (goods and services).
Furthermore, the service to be provided for commercial suppliers / sellers involves making functions available in the user interface with which these suppliers can provide information regarding their company, as well as their contact person and location / branches as text or photographic material effective for advertising, and also includes making entries in the "events, auctions & trade fairs" calendar.

3) In addition, the service to be provided during the free trial period of 30 days for newly registered users consists of publishing the created adverts on the website and making them available to visitors. The same applies after the free trial period of 30 days, insofar as the supplier / seller has posted a paid advert or a paid advert package.
Furthermore, the service to be provided to the commercial supplier / seller during the free trial period of 30 days also consists in publishing the company presentations and calendar entries on the website and making them available to visitors. The same applies after the free trial period, insofar as the commercial supplier / seller has posted a paid advert package.

4) Following the free trial period of 30 days our current price list will apply for the adverts / advert packages to be posted. The price list is available on the home page under the "Price" button. YAR has the right to modify its prices with a notice period of 14 days. YAR must announce the price list on the home page under the "Price" button in a timely manner. Price changes do not affect already booked and paid adverts and advertisement packages.

5) Private and commercial suppliers / sellers, who make a new registration and who were not registered during the previous period may use this website for a free 30 day trial. YAR reserves the right at any time to terminate, restrict or expand this free usage period without changing these "General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)".

6) The permanent provision of our purchase process "YAR-Operator" is not part of the services to be provided. The operator of this website reserves the right to terminate this feature in whole or in part at any time. Likewise, all available languages ​​of this site, with the exception of German and English, do not form part of the service to be provided.

7) YAR reserves the right to temporarily restrict the creation and publication of adverts, if there is a need to do so in terms of the system limit load, security, server integrity or for the implementation of technical measures. The same applies to other maintenance performed on the system.
YAR is not liable for damages caused to the users of this website due to temporary system failures, insofar as these were not caused by negligent or intentional perpetration on the part of YAR. The same applies for the pro-rata refund of paid advertising prices.

8) The website offers users the opportunity to select different languages ​​and currencies on the home page. The translations to the languages ​​and the conversion of the currencies is automated and has no claim to accuracy. These functions only serve as a rough support and assistance. Therefore, the advertisements of the suppliers are only valid with regards to the original language and currency posted by the supplier.

9) The supplier agrees to the content of their adverts and their price information being automatically translated into other languages ​​and converted into other currencies.

10) YAR has the right to extend or change the functions available to the users at any time and without notice, insofar as they result in added value for the user.

11) With the exception of the contact form, YAR does not make other communication channels available on the website, especially not on the user interface. Messages which are created through the contact form are automatically forwarded by YAR to the email address of the supplier. YAR does not cache these messages.

12) Our website is also available on mobile devices. YAR has the right according to the law, to textually and photographically modify, adjust and technically edit the content of an advertisement in a manner corresponding to this format. Should the content view be restricted on mobile devices, the users are responsible for this themselves.

§ 3 Registration / user account

1) Registering on our website is always free and open to all suppliers / sellers, as well as all prospective customers / buyers. Registration is required if the supplier / seller would like to use this website for advertising pusposes, or if prospective customers / sellers would like to use the "YAR-Operator" purchase method.

2) Registration is only permitted to companies, commercial businesses, merchants, legal persons, partnerships and natural persons with unrestricted legal capacity. Minors, in particular, may not register. Therefore, the user must be at least 18 years old.

3) A user account is opened / created when registering. By registering, an agreement is concluded between the registering individual (user) and YAR regarding the use of this website. This agreement is hereinafter referred to as the "user contract". The user contract is offered solely at our discretion.

4) The data requested during registration must be provided completely and accurately. During the registration process, the user is obliged to truthfully select whether they are a private or commercial user. In this regard, YAR conducts a cursory examination of each new registration. However, YAR has the specific right in individual cases to request evidence from commercial suppliers to legitimise the user, serving as proof of the user's eligibility as a commercial user.

5) The registration requires a valid email address belonging to the user and the selection of a personal password, which should comply with the indication given in the registration process. During the registration process, the user receives a confirmation email which contains a link / URL. By opening this link, the account activation is confirmed.

6) The user is obliged to keep their access data (email address for the access, and particularly the personal password) confidential from third parties. The user is liable to YAR for any damages caused due to the misuse of the data by third parties, which arise from the improper disclosure or use of the personal information. Furthermore YAR is not liable in such cases for the damages that arise with the user.
The user must immediately inform YAR about the possible loss of their access information. The user must also inform YAR immediately if the user has obtained knowledge that their access information or account has been misused by a third party. If it is not recognised that the user violated their due diligence, then YAR is not liable for any loss.

7) To the extent that the personal information of a user may change (such as address, a specified phone number, etc.), they are obliged to adjust this information immediately.

8) Every user may only register once. Circumvention of this stipulation, in particular through the use of variant data is not permitted. Should YAR become aware of this, it has the right to disable all the user accounts of the same user. Furthermore, a user account is not transferable - the only exception is the transfer of a user account to the legal successor of a company.
Multiple registrations for individual branches / locations of a company, a group of companies or franchise licensees of a franchise system are permissible.

9) YAR reserves the right to delete user accounts if the last log-in occured more than 12 months before. A re-registration with the same email address is again possible at any time after this.

§ 4 Contract conclusion

1) The contract is concluded upon submission of the user's information during the registration process when the user confirms the link provided in the email sent during the registration process, thus activating the user account. The user contract applies equally to any branches and locations of the commercial users.

2) With the conclusion of the contract between the user and YAR, German or English is agreed as the contractual language. Hence the legally binding communication between the two parties has to take place exclusively in either German or English.

§ 5 Using the website / content of advertisements

1) The user is solely responsible to ensure that their adverts are textually and photographically legitimate and do not infringe on any rights or copyrights. Additionally, the supplier must have the right to use or a copyright for the texts and images.

2) The content of the adverts must be designed in such a way as not to violate any laws or regulations and to respect the preservation of public morals and decency.

3) The goods and services presented on this website have the character of an advertisement. Thus, the content of an advertisement is not binding for the supplier / seller.
However, the supplier must still provide truthful information in their textual and photographic advertising content. The description must be complete. All features and characteristics as well as any deficiency, which could affect the value of the offer, which could influence the decision to purchase must be truthfully stated. Information on authenticity must be included for goods such as jewelry & watches, artworks and goods in the fashion industry. It is possible to deviate from this stipulation when the advert serves only an informative or advertising purpose or when the goods / services described in the advertisement do not exist as such specifically. In such cases, a deviation from the actual offer of the supplier is possible.

4) With respect to the above Paragraph No. 3, the supplier / seller is also not bound to the price quote in an advertisement. The supplier is also given the option to choose the "price on request" option instead of giving a quote.

5) The content of the advertisement must refer exclusively to the goods and service offered or the presented location. The textual or photographic content of an advertisement must therefore clearly correspond to the selected category. Relating the content to other categories is not permitted.

6) Commercial suppliers who offer goods or services to consumers (private customers / buyers) are obliged to provide these with the potentially statutory consumer protection information and to instruct them regarding the existence or non-existence of the legal right to cancellation. In addition, reference is made to potential requirement to provide an imprint and to specifying the terms / conditions. For this purpose, YAR provides the input fields in the user interface.

7) During the registration process, the registered commercial users must specify in which sector they operate (e.g. boats & yachts). This selection cannot be changed retrospectively.
In the next step of the registration process, the commercial user must select the category in which they operate (e.g. sale of boats & yachts and/or chartering boats & yachts). This selection may still be amended and expanded in the user interface. By selecting the fixed sector, the commercial user can accordingly only advertise items which are associated with the selected sector and category. In this way, the user cannot post advertisements for other sectors.

8) The private and commercial supplier / seller may at any time undertake to make changes in their online and offline (stationary) adverts.

9) A private supplier / seller may post max. 5 adverts online simultaneously. Should a private supplier / seller attempt to circumvent these stipulations by establishing multiple user accounts and should YAR become aware of this, the result shall be the extraordinary termination of the user contract. Furthermore, the supplier will be excluded from using the website again as a supplier.
Placing adverts in the categories "YAR Places" and "YAR Services" is not available to private suppliers.

10) The adverts of private suppliers / sellers are each posted online for 90 days after payment has been made. Within this period, the supplier / seller may take their advert offline or post it online as often as they would like.
After this period expires, they are entitled to repeat the booking under obligation to pay for another 90 days and as many times as they would like.

11) Should the private supplier / seller cancel this advertisement during this posting period, any remaining period of use cannot be transferred to other adverts. Thus, the remaining period of use is forfeited. A pro-rata refund of the price paid for the advertisement will not take place.

12) The adverts of commercial suppliers / sellers are each posted online for 365 days after payment has been made. Within this period, the commercial supplier / seller may take their advert offline or post it online, delete or make changes as often as they would like. The maximum number of adverts that the commercial supplier may post online at any one time depends on the selected advertising package.
After this period expires, they are entitled to repeat the booking under obligation to pay for another 365 days and as many times as they would like.

13.) The supplier is prohibited from repeatedly posting the exact same product or service. Should YAR become aware of this, then YAR has the right to remove this "multiple posting" or to disable the online status of the relevant advertisements.

14.) Private suppliers have the option of configuring their personal information (name, address, email address, location etc.) in the user interface so that these do not appear in the adverts for security reasons and are therefore not visible to third parties. This option is not available for commercial suppliers.

15.) The commercial supplier grants the operator of the webpage the right to import content belonging to him, including photos and videos, from other websites and online marketplaces. However, this right applies only for websites and online marketplaces with, which YAR has entered into a contractual agreement regarding the data transfer.

§ 6 Prohibited goods and services / mandatory requirements

1) YAR only checks every newly created advert and changes made retrospectively very superficially with regard to the following named criteria and requirements. YAR is entitled to delete adverts and also to entirely refuse the use of the website to the supplier if their advertised content does not meet our standards, criteria and requirements.

2) Primarily all goods and services offered must correspond to and be presented in such a way as to associate them with the luxury sector. A precise delineation and definition is possible. Nevertheless, what is meant here are goods and services that can be described as "luxurious" according to the standards of western industrialised countries.
Furthermore, the advertised goods and services should not violate any law or regulation. You may not violate good morals.

3) The following goods and services are also excluded and forbidden in principle:

and all goods and services, which are not clearly assigned to the listing categories.

§ 7 Contract duration / Blocking / Termination / Exclusion / Renewals

1) The contract period of the usage agreement runs for an indefinite period. It may be terminated at any time with immediate effect. The termination must be in written form, but it can be done informally and without explanation. It should be sent to the fax number or email address for the contact address specified in the Imprint, stating the customer information and customer number.

2) For registered users, with an active ad or active ad package (online), the notice period is 14 days to the end of the month. The termination can be done informally and without explanation. It should be sent to the fax number or email address for the contact address specified in the Imprint, stating the customer information and customer number. Any partial refund of the listing fees paid with regard to the remaining term is excluded.

3) YAR has the right to terminate the use agreement with respect to § 7, Para. 1 at any time with immediate effect in writing without giving reasons to the user's stated address or email address.

4) YAR has the right to terminate the use agreement with respect to § 7, Para. 2 at any time without giving reasons by giving notice of 14 days to the end of the month in writing to the user's address or email address.

5) YAR has the extraordinary right to terminate the contract for cause with immediate effect, should the user violate any of the conditions and regulations of these "General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)", or other laws and regulations, particularly if the user violates the guidelines described under § 5 and § 6 or rights of third parties. Any partial refund of the listing fees paid with regard to the remaining term is excluded.

6) YAR has the extraordinary right to terminate for cause if business vendors book an ad package on "payment on account" terms and fail to make the specified payment. Furthermore YAR has the extraordinary right to terminate if the business vendor deliberately gives false information relating to its personal data, in particular to tax law information such as to the tax ID number.
If a false VAT number is given resulting in a net invoice being issued, YAR has the right to demand the VAT from the user and thus dispense with an extraordinary termination.

7) Any termination results in user being denied access to their account. The account cannot be reactivated even if a new contract is concluded at a later date. Ads belonging to the user will be taken offline and deleted. Any schedule entries will be deleted. Business vendors will be removed from the dealer and vendor list.

8) YAR has the right to permanently and definitively exclude a user from the use of this website if the user was excluded by an extraordinary notice for a very important reason. The user is not entitled to re-register or to use other user accounts.

9) YAR reserves the right to renounce the extraordinary termination for good reason and instead take the following measures:

10) There is no automatic renewal for paid ads and ad packages. After the booked ads / ad packages have expired, the vendor must order a renewal or reactivation manually and pay for it.

11) If the registered user, as per §10, para. 8 does not comply, YAR has the right to deactivate a free user account. This deactivation has the effect that live advertisements, possible entries in the term calendar and listing of commercial vendors in the list of dealers and vendors will be disabled. YAR thus ensures that providers or advertisements that are no longer active will be removed from its website.
YAR is not obligated to communicate this measure to the registered user. In addition, YAR is also entitled, in the case of this breach of duty, by the User, to terminate their account pursuant to § 7 para. 3, 4 and 5."

§ 8 Price amendments / amendments General Terms and Conditions

1) YAR has the right to change its prices for the use of payable services (ad prices for private vendors and ad package prices for business vendors) with a notice period of 14 days. During the transitional period the previous / current "prices" and future price conditions shall appear next to each other. The future price changes shall apply only to payable ads / ad package bookings that are made from the time when the new price list becomes valid.

2) YAR has the right to amend these "General Terms and Conditions (T&C)" with a notice period of 14 days without specifying reasons. The revised terms will be sent to the user in writing by letter or email in good time. The changes will be deemed to be accepted if the user does not object to them within the period of 14 days. Should the user not agree to the new T&C, they have the right to terminate the License Agreement in accordance with §7 Para. 1 and 2.

§ 9 Payment

1) Private vendors / buyers have the option to pay the ad fees by accepted credit card types and / or PayPal. Once the payment has been made successfully, private users will receive an invoice, which can be viewed and downloaded in the user interface.

2) Business vendors / buyers have the option to pay for an ad package using the accepted credit card types and / or PayPal. Once the payment has been made successfully, business users will receive an invoice, which can be viewed and downloaded in the user interface. In addition, business users have the option to order an ad package "on account". Once the order has been placed, the vendor receives an invoice which must be paid by bank transfer within 10 days.

3) YAR offers a vendor discount code for business users who want to create more than 5 user accounts within a group of companies, a large company or a franchise system. Users have to apply for this discount code themselves. There is no fixed right to the awarding of the discount code.

§ 10 Responsibility for the content of ads / User's obligations

1) The user / visitor may only use the features of this website, in particular the search function within the given search mask. The website operator strictly prohibits the use of search software to access the YAR database. Any infringements shall be viewed by YAR as serious interference into the operation of its business. YAR reserves the right to bring civil and criminal action against perpetrators.

2) Other measures and activities by users to restrict the operation of the website and specifically limit or prevent its functioning are also strictly prohibited by the operator of the website. YAR also reserves the right to bring civil and criminal action against perpetrators in this respect.

3) Actions which aim to manipulate or distort the content of the website by false and misleading statements or by any technical measure are also strictly prohibited.

4) The vendor is solely responsible for the content of this ad. When ads are inserted or changes to their content is made, YAR only performs a rough superficial assessment with regard to serious infringements or violations of these T&C. Therefore YAR accepts no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the ads or whether they comply with legal requirements and specifications.

5) YAR further waives all liability and responsibility for damage caused by the conclusion of a contractor for which an ad on this site was either the cause or result.

6) The business vendor is required as part of any applicable legal requirements, to provide indications in the ads indications that may inform a consumer of their guarantee, warranty, cancellation, return and withdrawal rights, even if an ad on this website is not offering a binding purchase.

7) The use of the information and content provided on this website for further commercial use or processing is expressly prohibited for all users / visitors.

8) Every registered user is obligated to log-in at least once every 30 days and to check their user account and live advertisements and events.

§ 11 Warranty

1) YAR only provides technical infrastructure for this website. YAR assumes no liability for the correctness of the advertisements. YAR is not involved in any contracts that may arise or already exist between the users. "

2.) YAR assumes no liability for the permanent uninterrupted availability of the website and its associated automated services (payment processing, invoicing, etc.). This is not possible according to the present state of the art equipment. In addition, YAR is dependent on third-party services (server operators, telecom providers, software developers, etc.) and has only a limited influence on their reliability and operation.

3.) If, for technical reasons, YAR is responsible for conditions by which the advertiser's online advertisements are not visible to the visitors of the website for an extended period of time, the provider has the right to extend the advertising period by the period of The technical defect or the technical restriction that may have occurred if the failure or the accumulated failures extending for more than 24 hours cumulatively, in the advertisement period.

4.) YAR shall be exempt from compulsory performance if force majeure events and which are not caused due to aspects attributable to YAR; even if the failure of such services is caused by third parties (contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.). In this case, the user has no right to assert their claims against YAR.

5.) YAR reserves the right to temporarily limit the ability to display and retrieve advertisements when this is necessary with regard to capacity limitations, the security or integrity of the server system or the implementation of technical measures.

§ 12 Limitation of Liability

1) YAR shall only be liable to users of this website for damages if it can be proven that YAR, its legal representatives, executives or other agents are guilty of gross negligence or an intentional act. Breach of essential contractual obligations shall remain unaffected.

2) In addition, YAR's liability shall be limited to typically foreseeable damage at the time of concluding the contract. Liability for loss of profits shall only result from gross negligence or wilful conduct by YAR.

3) The aforementioned disclaimers and restrictions with respect to companies or consumers shall not apply in the case of explicit guarantees by YAR and for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health or where required by applicable law.

4) The designated disclaimers shall apply for damages where cause can be proved to originate with YAR partners, subcontractors, contractors and suppliers.

5) YAR shall not be liable to users for damages caused by other users or third parties.

6) Liability for consequential damage is excluded.

§ 13 Exemption

1) The user shall hold YAR harmless from all claims asserted by other users or third parties against YAR for violation of their rights by offering ads and their contents. In particular, this applies to all photographic and textual content that vendors use for their ads. The user assumes herewith all costs for the necessary legal protection of YAR, including, but not limited to, all statutory and legal costs. This does not apply if the user is not liable for the violation of rights.

2) In the event of claims by third parties, the user is obliged to provide YAR immediately, truthfully and completely with all information necessary for examination of the claims and a legal or extrajudicial defence.

§ 14 Copyright and Usage Rights / Assignment of rights to images and text

1) All data, information, company names, trademarks, textual and photographic contents of the ads are copyright. Modification, further processing and use in media of all kinds by third parties is prohibited. The rights of the vendor remain unaffected.

2) YAR operates various advertising and marketing campaigns, partly by employers and third parties on other websites, on social media networks, with affiliate networks, by bulk email and in print media. The user grants YAR the free, but not exclusive, temporally and geographically unlimited right to use the photographic and textual content of their ads and the vendor profile / corporate presentation for the advertising and marketing of YAR. In addition, the user grants YAR the right to use this content for its "News & Stories", "YAR Pedia", "YAR Art" and "YAR Yacht Database" info areas.

3) The vendor further grants YAR the right to use the content completely or only partially, unchanged or edited. The right to translate the content into other languages ​​is hereby incorporated. Furthermore YAR has the right to use this content for videos, magazines, newspapers, flyers and newsletters and connect this content with other content. This right extends to brands, hyperlinks and logos specified by the vendor.

4) By accepting these "General Terms and Condition (T&Cs)", the vendor agrees that the operator of the website shall have the copyright or right of use of the textual and photographic content of their ads, as well as the trademarks, symbols and logos.

5) The vendor shall be liable to YAR in full for damages YAR may incur or copyrights of others that may be infringed by any possible misuse of the content provided, even though the vendor may have copyright or right of use of this content vis-a-vis YAR in accordance with Paragraph 4.

§ 15 Data Protection

1) The user agrees to our Privacy Policy by accepting these "General Terms and Conditions (T&C)". The Privacy Policy can be accessed from the home page or by clicking here Privacy Policy.

§ 16 Miscellaneous

1) YAR indicates that the reports under "News & Stories" were created by YAR itself. YAR is solely responsible for the content of these reports.

2) Use, dissemination and reproduction of reports in the "News & Stories, for any purpose is prohibited to all users and third parties. YAR has the exclusive non-transferable copyright on these reports.

3) YAR points out that the reports in the "News & Stories" may have an advertising character.

4) YAR accepts no responsibility for the contents of the section "Events, Auctions & Measurement, where the contents thereof were created by vendors. YAR does not check this content for legality and correctness. YAR therefore waives all liability towards users for damages that may arise or they may incur from the illegality or irregularity of any such content.

5.) By accepting these "General Terms and Condition (T&Cs)", the vendor / seller agrees that the operator of the website shall have the right to import any data / listings from other websites, online marketplaces and databases with which YAR has established a business relationship, a partnership or a contract. The process must be previously agreed with the vendor / seller.

§ 17 Applicable Law & Agreed Jurisdiction

1) If the user is commercial and therefore merchant, entrepreneur, legal entity or a company, a company or a commercial enterprise, the contract of use including these terms and conditions is subject to the application according to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2) If the user is private and therefore consumer (without commercial property), the contract of use including these T&C, the applicable law shall be that of the Federal Republic of Germany to the extent it is subject to the applicable law.

3) The exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes with vendors arising from the contractual relationship is Limburg/Lahn (Germany).

§ 18 Final Provisions

1) Should one of the provisions of these "General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)" be invalid or be contrary to applicable law or be incorrect, this part shall be changed as closely as possible to the purpose of this provision. The remaining provisions shall remain unaffected and retain their validity.

2) The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ . Consumers have the alternative option of using this platform for the settlement of their dispute in accordance with Art. 14 Para. 1 ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG. We do participate in the process of online dispute resolution (ODR).