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Welcome to YAR-Operator - What is YAR-Operator?

Not only is it important to present a broad, complete range of products, but we also offer our customers the opportunity to purchase and sell using a secure method of payment for the buyer and the seller. This task is performed by the YAR- Operator.

YAR-Operator is a process for the settlement of purchase transactions. The private and commercial supplier/sellers of goods, at the time registration for YAR, can choose whether they wish to participate in the process. There is no obligation to participate! Even this does not mean that every sale must be handled with YAR-Operator participation.

The YAR-Operator is only used if the supplier/seller agrees to participate and the prospective customer/buyer wants to use this procedure to process the purchase. The cost of using a YAR-Operator method must be borne by the Buyer.

The YAR-Operator consists of two operators respectively. Operator 1 is the operator of this website and mainly represents the interests of the supplier/seller. Operator 2 is a German law firm, which mainly represents the interests of the buyer.

The buyer shall pay the purchase price to the German law firm that manages this purchase amount on a fiduciary basis. Upon completion of the procedure, the purchase sum will be paid out to the seller.

Brief description in 7 steps

  1. The prospective customer/buyer starts the YAR-Operator method
  2. The Supplier/Seller accepts the YAR-Operator method
  3. Buyers and sellers negotiate the details of the purchase transaction
  4. The YAR-Operator reviews the procedure and provides further instructions
  5. The buyer shall pay the purchase price to the YAR-Operator
  6. The goods will be sent by the seller to the buyer
  7. The YAR-Operator shall pay the purchase price to the seller

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