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What is YAR?

YAR is an international Internet marketplace and a global network for goods and services in the luxury sector. The launch date was the 01/05/2017. YAR is available in almost all countries. Commercial and private suppliers offer their luxury goods and first-class services here.

For the demanding, global prospective customers and buyers, nothing is left to be desired due to the wide range of services. Together with the complementary range of services, restaurants, hotels, fashion and art, a unique and comprehensive product portfolio emerges for the sophisticated customer.

In terms of vital international communication, YAR is multilingual and calculates the offer prices in the major global currencies.

YAR is not just a market place, but also a network. YAR informs its customers worldwide regarding events, fairs and auctions. Reports on news in the luxury sector are published weekly. We present already established, as well as new, interesting and still unknown brands here.

In every offer category we have numerous search options which can be selected to allow the prospective customer to adapt their search to their individual needs.

By using a well-structured combination between social media marketing and direct marketing, YAR achieves an extremely high visitor-scoring for international monetary customers.

International luxury - with a globally unique product portfolio