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The marketplace for suppliers in the following sectors

Auction Houses

Auction houses for works of art, even auctioneers for vehicles, jewelry and watches, antiques, and fashion & accessoirs, especially vintage fashion & vintage accessories

Boats & Yachts

Yacht and boat dealers, boat brokers, leasing and chartering of boats and yachts, berth brokerage, yacht and boat repair, boatmaintenance, boat & yacht manufacturers

Real Estate

Sellers of real estate and land, real estate brokers, real estate agents, landlords of property, landlords of rental properties (long-term rental and vacation properties), providers of real estate services, architects, interior designers, landscape gardeners and architects


Car retailers, car dealers, car tuners, car rental services, car repairs, vehicle restorers of vintage and classic cars, car manufacturers

Jets & Helicopters

Distributors and agents of jets & helicopters, brokers, dealers and sellers of small aircraft, charter companies and chartering aircraft & helicopters, charter flight provider, maintenance and repair of aircraft & helicopters, manufacturers of jets & helicopters

Jewelry & Watches

Sellers, intermediaries and distributors of jewelry & watches, operators of commercial premises for jewelry & watches, designers and manufacturers of jewelry & watches

Art & Antiques

Sellers, traders and brokers of art & antiques, gallery operators, operators of commercial premises, artists, consultants and experts for art & antiques

Fashion & Accessoires

Sellers of fashion & accessories, designers of fashion & accessories, operators of shops for fashion & accessories also vintage fashion & vintage accessories

Home & Living

Sellers, designers, distributors and manufacturers of exclusive furniture and interior furnishings, interior designers, interior architects, landscape gardeners and architects

RV & Camper

Sellers, traders and brokers of RVs & campers


Butler service, concierge service, service for real estate, cars, yachts, boats, jets and helicopters, design and architectural services, services in the health, wellness and spa, day spas, cosmetics, catering, event planning, tour operators etc

Hotels & Resorts

Operators of hotels & resorts

Restaurants & Beach clubs

Operators of restaurants and beach clubs

Boutiques & Jewellers

Operators of commercial premises for the sale of jewellery & watches, and fashion & accessories

Galleries & antique dealers

Gallery owners, gallery operators, operators of antique shops