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About us

In 2016, the company founder and CEO Thorsten Baecker had vision to create an Internet platform on which the broadest possible, most complete and world-class range of goods and services could be provided for the luxury sector. Right from the start of this project, it was clear that a high degree of internationalisation would be required. Following a 14-month design and programming phase, www.youarerich.net began to operate on the 1st of May 2017. The focus also lay in offering buyers and sellers the opportunity to participate in the purchase / sale of goods which could be handled reliably for all participants - for this reason, the purchase method "YAR-Operator" was developed


Thorsten Baecker

After 15 years as managing director in the international logistics sector, he decided to open up a new field of activity. As the market of the future, entry into the IT / Internet industry represented an interesting challenge for him. He is co-owner and CEO of the Bäcker real estate companies.

His hobby is restoring classic cars. He spends time mostly in Nice (FR, French Riviera) and in Port d'Antratx (ES, Mallorca).

Judith Becker

The purchase method "YAR-Operator" was conceptualised in cooperation with her law firm. Her law firm takes on various consulting activities and the fiduciary management of the purchase prices in this purchase process.

In 2001, she completed her first state examination in law. During the state examination, she was a research assistant in the Bundestag. After working as a legal intern in the state of Hessen for three years, she graduated from her second state examination in 2004. In the same year she founded her law firm "Judith Becker & Miriam Kaupe" with its head office in Bad Camberg (D) and a branch office in Hamburg (D), which has now been operating successfully for more than 12 years. Judith Becker's legal focus is in the range of international contract law.