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Porsche 991 GT2 RS - now it's coming

  • Jul 31, 2017, 5:21 PM
  • Automobile

At the market launch of the 991 series in 2011, there were at least rumours that there would be no GT2 in this model series. In the years 2014 and 2015, spy photographers were able to take first snapshots, which, however, suggested that a GT2 model could become a reality.
Now it's coming and as an RS version. It starts at 285,220 euros. It is thus the strongest eleven series ever. The bi-turbo-charged 3.8-litre engine delivers brutal 700 hp and catapults the 991 GT2 RS via the rear wheels in just 2.8 seconds from zero to 100 km/h. Even more spectacular are the acceleration values from zero to 200 - the GT2 RS only needs 8.3 seconds for this sprint. But at least by now, the question lingers as to whether the owner of such a sports car will spend his Sunday afternoons in a quarter mile race. You will not find many serious opponents in this league anymore.
However, the natural habitat of the GT2 RS is, as is generally known, not the quarter mile but the race track. The scaled-down weight of just 1470 kilograms and the fourwheel steering available on the rear axle should ensure maximum driving pleasure on the race track. The powerful PCCB braking system with 410 mm brake discs on the front axle and 390 mm brake discs at the rear give the GT2 RS a brutal deceleration. And as you are accustomed to by Porsche, this braking system does not have any deficits, even under continuous load. Top speed is an impressive 340 km/h. The GT2 RS is only available with a PDK dual clutch transmission.
The air inlets in the front spoiler, which are even larger than those on the 991 GT3 RS, give the GT2 RS a vicious look. With the available performance data, the oversized rear spoiler gets its 'raison d'être' and does not appear exaggerated despite its size. The design of the GT2 RS is absolutely perfect with its symbiosis of elegance and aggression. It is not only the most powerful of the eleven-series cars, but for many already the most beautiful and most spectacular 911 vehicle of all time.

Photos: www.porsche.de

Weissach package
The optional Weissach package can be included for a small additional cost of 29,750 euros. The use of lightweight construction materials reduces its unladen weight by yet another 30 kilograms. The Weissach package consists of carbon fibre on the front cover and roof, a bolted rollover cage made of titanium, 6-point safety belts for driver and passenger, forged magnesium wheels with the same dimensions as the standard wheels and a few other very nice optical details in the interior. Alternatively, the GT2 RS can also be ordered with the usual Clubsport package.
Presentation at the IAA
The GT2 RS will be celebrating its official premiere at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) from 14th September 2017 in Frankfurt. The Porsche 991 GT2 RS has been available to order since June 2017. Malicious gossip has it that the GT2 RS is now completely sold out. However, with a little perseverance and vitamin B, you can get hold of a vehicle somewhere. The official market launch is in December 2017. Therefore, the first vehicles should be ready for delivery by early 2018.
The GT2 RS is limited like its predecessor from the 997 series. However, there are currently no specific details about that. Renownedly, the final number of pieces will be between 500 and 1000.
If you have the necessary 285,220 euros, as well as 29,750 euros in small change for the Weissach package, you should buy this beautiful automobile and masterpiece of German engineering expertise. Let us hope that the vehicles will find their new home with true Porsche enthusiasts and not with speculators. It is noticeably apparent that the speculation hype no longer has its power - things are a little more moderate than two or three years ago.