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  • Feb 15, 2018, 4:11 PM
  • Real Estate

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious office. After all, your workspace showcases your image and overall status in the business world. However, when you mention luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is either expensive or designed by someone who’s worth their weight in gold. Still, luxurious doesn’t necessarily have to mean pricy on all accounts.Instead, it’s about using creativity and innovation that will complement your own version of luxury, as well as convince...

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Is Art Deco your favorite style?

  • Feb 14, 2018, 1:47 PM
  • Home & Living

Do you know the interesting background when buying interiors and furniture of this era? Is the differentiation to other epochs / illuminations recognizable for everyone?Art Deco is a style of art and architecture that appeared first just before the First World War in France. The style has influenced everything from buildings, to ocean liners, furniture, jewellery, and even everyday objects such as ornaments, kettles and toasters. The true Art Deco period ended in the 1930's...

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Ile-de-France / Paris - Charme & Elegance are unique

  • Feb 14, 2018, 11:23 AM
  • Travel & Lifestyle

Ile-de-France is an historical region of north central France, surrounding the French capital, Paris. It is one of the smallest regions, geographically, but also the most densely populated. Paris, billed as the most romantic city in the world, has an enchanting, old world ambiance and is, of course, home to some major tourist attractions. Architectural and cultural highlights include the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, situated on the Ile de la Cite...

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  • Sep 22, 2017, 11:42 AM
  • Jewelry & Watches

For 170 years, Cartier has designed and crafted some of the most expensive wristwatches and jewelry in the world. What began as a simple, family-owned business has now expanded to a worldwide seller that produces everything from engagement rings, wedding bands, love bracelets, fragrances, eyewear and more. Known by many as the international jeweler for royals and celebrities alike, the French company continues to create awe-inspiring pieces that are always timeless and unique. From the Duchess of...

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - the steam roller from Detroit, USA

  • Aug 1, 2017, 3:25 PM
  • Automobile

At the International Auto Show in New York in April 2017, Jeep presented the strongest and fastest Grand Cherokee ever. The 6.2-litre V8 engine known from the Dodge Hellcat models produces incredible 717 hp and whopping 875-newton metres of torque, charged by an audible rotor compressor that clearly sends a signal to the driver that there is unbridled power available under the bonnet. This supercharged monster accelerates the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The fine-tuned eight-speed automatic...

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Porsche 991 GT2 RS - now it's coming

  • Jul 31, 2017, 5:21 PM
  • Automobile

At the market launch of the 991 series in 2011, there were at least rumours that there would be no GT2 in this model series. In the years 2014 and 2015, spy photographers were able to take first snapshots, which, however, suggested that a GT2 model could become a reality.  Now it's coming and as an RS version. It starts at 285,220 euros. It is thus the strongest eleven series ever. The bi-turbo-charged 3.8-litre engine...

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Nokia 8800 - The exquisite mobile phone from the previous decade

  • Jul 31, 2017, 10:36 AM
  • Fashion & Accessoires

In the fashion world, the trend towards the purchase of retro and vintage goods has long since started. It is not seldom that enormous sums are paid for coveted Haute-Couture dresses or handbags from earlier times. For example, the sale of a Birkin Bag from Hermès from the 1980s or 1990s amounts to a high 5-digit sum, which is gracefully paid for by predominantly female and interested buyers. And an end is not in sight...

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Montenegro - the Switzerland of the Adriatic

  • Jul 31, 2017, 10:14 AM
  • Travel & Lifestyle

With a width of approx. 110 kilometres and a length of approx. 120 kilometres, Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The population of Montenegro is only slightly more than 600,000. Between the neighbouring countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, the country is located away from mass tourism as one is accustomed to with large parts of the coast lines of Spain, Italy and Croatia - large hotel complexes are the exception in Montenegro. Large parts of the...

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Palmer Johnson launches a perfect match for the Bugatti Chiron

  • Apr 10, 2017, 4:14 PM
  • Boats & Yachts

The makers of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most exclusive and luxurious production super sports car, Bugatti, and the world’s most innovative motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, announce the release of the Bugatti Niniette 66. This will be the first in a new series of yachts, starting from 50ft, up to 88ft. The iconic companies have combined their pedigree in design, technology and performance into a fearless vision of the future of sport yachts. Inspired by...

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Zuhair Murad Spring Summer SS 2017 Couture Collection

  • Apr 10, 2017, 3:52 PM
  • Fashion & Accessoires

He is one of the most talented fashion designers of our time. Zuhair Murad was born in Lebanon in 1971. After finishing secondary school, Murad moved to Paris and completed a degree in Fashion. He founded his fashion label in Beirut and Paris in 1997. Today his label designs, produces and sells some of the most sought-after fashion in the world. The brand is represented in more than 100 retail outlets around the world (USA, France, UK, Monaco, Switzerland, Japan, Russia,...

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